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Getting started with SC server deployment

Last modified Feb 13, 2017
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Make sure that the following applications installed on your server instance:

  • MySQL (should work with any stable version)
  • Java SDK 1.7

Getting started with Windows server

1. Create an empty database in your MySQL, where the future sociocortex data will be stored. 

2. Download archive

3. Unpack archive (preferably in the root folder of you disk space)

As an example, the folder structure (C:\sociocortex) will contain the following folders:

  • properties
  • scripts
  • software

4. Update configuration file

  1. Go to properties folder
  2. Open configuration.txt file
  3. The configuration.txt already consist minimal required set of configuration keys.
  4. Configurations have to be updated by replacing examples (<example>) with:
    1. your access credentials to the MySQL and name of the newly created database
    2. email server settings, if exist otherwise leave empty
    3. domain name, if exist otherwise leave empty

Changing the keys that already contain valid values (without <>) can be omitted.  

More details regarding configurations keys can be found here.

5. Check if everything works

For this navigate to scripts folder in your console and launch nt-run.bat 

The first launch usually takes up to 2 minutes, in case it is successful you will be able to see the following log message:

jvm 1 | http server started on any local address on port 80 with context / and should be locally accessible under http://localhost:80/
jvm 1 | initialization was successful, took 67.2 s

To exit, press CTRL + C

5. Install and start SocioCortex Windows service

In case the 4th step worked out: 

  1. Install Windows service by executing installService.bat in scripts folder.
  2. Start Windows service by executing startService.bat in scripts folder. 

After installation

Now, you have a running instance of SC.

1. Try to access it using your browser (e.g., http://localhost/)

2. You will be asked for login and password, by default admin user has the following default credentials:


password: ottto

3. To change them navigate to your profile settings.

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